Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here goes nothing !!

OK folks, it's time for me to really gear up and get that money rolling in for Davian and Marlowe's grants !!  They're doing pretty well, but only have until December 31st to get to the goal of them BOTH having $1000 in their Angel Tree grants !
The book auction went great, and raised more than $400 for Davian !!  Very exciting - and a huge thank you to those of you who bid on and won the books !! I had a great time packaging them all up and shipping them out !
What's next, though ?
How can I top last year, when Nathaniel and I shaved our heads for my Angel Tree boy, Buddy ??

Well, I did consider shaving my head again - but really wanted to come up with something new and different.
Something that I'd never seen anyone do before as a fundraiser.
Running through my mind - angels, rainbows, Down Syndrome.
What to do ??
Then I visualized the angels, the rainbows, and Down Syndrome.
And then it came to me !!
Get a tattoo !!
I've never even considered getting a tattoo before.  Nothing against them, I've just never felt the need to put myself in pain in order to have a permanent reminder of that pain on my body !
However - THAT is what makes it so fun !!
I am 50 years old.
Never had a tattoo.
Well - it's about time that changed !!!!
I am prepared to get a tattoo, if that's what it takes to get these two boys to their $1000 Angel Tree goal !!
 Look at the sidebar - that is how much they have in their Angel Tree grants so far - the number in red.
In order for me to go ahead and get a tattoo - both their Angel Tree grants need to read at least $1000 (more would be even better !!)
The Angel Tree runs until midnight on December 31st 2013 - so there is still more than a month to raise those grants !!
Now - you're probably wondering WHAT tattoo I will get ?
Well - that's where YOU come in !!
Yes - YOU get to choose !!!
I will pick three different tattoos - and for every $5 you donate, you get to vote on the one you would like me to get.
Donate $5 - one vote
Donate $10 - two votes
Donate $15 - three votes.
I'm keeping it simple.
Once you have donated - comment below - or on Facebook - or message me - with how much you donated, and what your votes are !!
Now - I don't have the exact images yet - but there will be 3 choices
1) -  The Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon (or some other awareness graphic)
2) - An angel (hey, it's the Angel Tree !!)
3) - A rainbow, or some variation (as in Reece's Rainbow)
If you can come up with any wonderful, artistic ideas, I will also take them into consideration, and maybe add a fourth choice !!
SO - what are you waiting for ??
Go ahead and click on either Davian or Marlowe's donate buttons, send some money their way, then come back here and tell me which tattoo you are voting for !!

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  1. I had to share about you - I love this! http://forallourangels.blogspot.com/2013/11/all-angel-tree-giveaway-day-6-194-to-go.html