Saturday, November 2, 2013

Davian and Marlowe - Angel Tree 2013


What do you think when you see these pictures ??


Do you see two little boys ?
Do you see children with Down Syndrome ?
Do you think "poor things ?"
Do you think "not my problem ?"
I realize that if you're reading this, you already know what this post is going to be about.  You know, from past experience, that these children are orphans, more than likely left at the hospital at birth, or as soon as their parents found out they had Down Syndrome.
In Eastern Europe, children born with Down Syndrome - or any other perceived mental or physical disability - are institutionalized - often from birth.
They have no hope of a normal life.
At age 4 or 5 - earlier if there's a shortage of space in their "baby orphanage" - they will be transferred to an adult institution.
In some places, they spend their whole life in a crib.
Starved of affection.
If they're lucky, they may have toys to play with.
If they're lucky, they'll have just enough food to survive.
If they're lucky - they WILL survive.
Their only chance is being adopted - usually internationally.
Adoption is expensive.
We can all afford to feed an extra mouth. Or two. or three. Or more.
Not many can afford the $30000+ it takes to adopt internationally.
Most people don't have that kind of money in their back pocket.
Most people need a little help to bring their children home.
It takes a village.
Davian, Marlowe, and many many more children need help.
They live in orphanages and institutions in Eastern Europe.
They are listed on Reece's Rainbow as being available for adoption.  
They are among a group of children so often overlooked.
 They are getting older.
When they are around age 16, they will no longer available for adoption.
They WILL spend their lives without a family. 
With no chance of reaching their full potential.
THIS should be their life - not an institution.
They should be playing


They should be playing sports



They should be enjoying music

They should be riding bikes

They should be swimming

They should be winning medals

They should be LEARNING


They should be LOVING


They should be working


They should be living a normal life, just like you and I.
But - they're not.
Instead, Davian sits in a stroller, doing nothing.
Davian turned 13 years old in August.

He sits with his clasped hands and shaved head.
Shaved to make it easier for his overworked caretakers to keep him clean and free of bugs.
Wearing clothes that are not his - clothes that belong to the orphanage, and are worn by whoever is the closest fit at the time.
What is he thinking ?
Are his eyes looking heavenward, is he praying for rescue ??
Hoping that someone, somewhere, will see him ?
How about Marlowe ??

Marlowe was born a year after Davian - he turned 12 this past August.
His picture is from May 2009, so he was almost 9 when it was taken.
I would love to see him now, to see if he has grown.
If he is smiling.
If he is still hoping.
Two little boys, who will stay little boys, with no hope of growing, learning, loving, living.
They have no chance - unless you can help them.
They need a family.

The greatest gift I can give Davian and Marlowe this holiday season,
is the gift of hope. 
They, of course, have no clue about Reece's Rainbow, and adoption grants, and Christmas Warriors and Angel Trees.

They don't know - but I do.
I can advocate.
I can get them seen.
I can raise their adoption grant, so that when they ARE seen, the family stepping up for them has a few dollars to help with the expenses.

I have pledged, this holiday season - from November 1st until December 31st, to do my best, to do my utmost, to get them seen, and to raise those grants.

I have pledged to try and raise $1000 for each of them.

I will be having various fundraisers - and have one ongoing, a children's book auction on Facebook, which actually ends today, November 2nd, at midnight.  if you read this in time, please go HERE to check it out !!

My plea to you today, though - is to ask you to care.

Care enough about two little boys to not look away.

Care enough to maybe share this post.

Care enough to, if you would be so kind, donate to one or both of them.

I'm not asking for huge donations - truly, a $5 donations is as gratefully received as a $100 donation !

If you choose to donate, you can see donation buttons for both boys at the side of the blog.  I thank you !!

If you choose to share - I thank you !  Their moms and dads are out there, somewhere - and if they don't get seen, how will they ever find them ?
Share, share, and share some more !!

Thank you so much for reading - and thank you for caring !!

Please note - many of the images above (other than those from Reece's Rainbow) were found doing a Google search - if the photos belong to you, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due :)



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