Sunday, September 29, 2013

If not you - then who ??

Pictured below are the older children who have not yet been chosen.

Children who have waited for far too long for a family.

Children who have been passed over again and again.

These children are ALL on the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree this year.

The aim of the Angel Tree ?

During the months of November and December, Christmas Warrior's advocate and raise money for their chosen child. Each warrior pledges to try and raise at least $1000 for "their" Angel Tree child.

For more info - please go HERE

Many of the younger children already have Christmas Warriors.

Some of the older children have also been chosen.

The children below still need someone to step forward to be THEIR Warrior.

Please - scroll through the pictures.

Do you see a child you might want to help ??

VanceSamuel-BulgariaJasper (1)Paul-UkraineKADE_ 2013 photoZane ZayneCullen-BulgariaDylan
BrooksTanner-BulgariaArtemurStephie2_2013-e1372005942427EmmalineAnnalise Pic 1 rec. 7-2-12CallieTara (2)Emmalyn-UkraineAddison Photo 7 rec. 1-21-13BryannahHeidiXanderArmando (4)Andy (2)zeke (1)Luke-1Mikale 2013Timothy-ChinaGeorge_2011
    30920114058 Kelvin Harlan Photo 1 rec. 1-22-13Regina (2)
Yvonne-ChinaWendy 2JennieSutter
Phoebe (2)Eva Photo 2 rec. 1-21-13-croppedIsabella-smiling

I haven't provided any link for the pictures above.
That's deliberate.
You can go HERE to see the profiles and pictures of
ALL of the boys on the Angel Tree.
You can go HERE to see the profiles and pictures of
ALL of the girls on the Angel Tree.
Please, don't feel obliged to pick an older child - there are lots of younger children still needing warriors, too !!
If a child already has a warrior, they will have a button on their profile like this
If you just can't bring your self to choose one particular child, then you don't have to !!  Just fill out the form, and check the "Assign me a child in need" box.
Easy !!
Please don't think that you can't possibly raise the money.
I didn't think I would, either, last year - but, somehow, it happened !
Please - step up and help a child !
If not you - then who ??

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  1. Anyone else notice the majority of those un chosen children are boys? So sad.