Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do YOU care ??

I have few words - just pictures and names
Twenty-eight newly listed children with ZERO in their grants
Break my heart.
Please - I KNOW it's hard - I KNOW there are other children you are advocating for - I KNOW you give and give and give. I know your heart for these kids - all of these kids.  I know many people think "what's the point" ? 
What's the point of giving to a child who has nothing ? 
Surely, it's better to give to a child with a larger grant ?
 Or a younger child who is more likely to be chosen ?
Or a family who have just committed to a child. 
Or a family in the last stages of adoption and in desperate need. 
 I know that's how many think. 
I understand. 
Do you think these kids are any less deserving of your support ? 
 LOOK at them. 
LOOK into their eyes. 
 Click on their names.
Read their stories. 
 I understand if you can't donate - I really do - money is really really tight for me, too, right now.
Can't donate ? SHARE !
Sharing costs nothing but a couple of minutes of your time.
Go ahead - right now - share this - or just one of these kids - on your Facebook page - on Twitter - on your blog - via e-mail. 
SO many ways to share.
But - if you can - please - help zap these zeros ??

           Manny                          Ezra                                     Emily
    Manny   Ezra   Emily (1)

    Dean                                     Dani                                   Lyle      
dean      Dani  Lyle (2)

Jasper                                       Fynn                                   Garrett
Jasper (1)  Fynn (2)  Sept 2004

Sammy                                    Jacques                                Hannah
Feb 2005  Jacques 401 (1)   Hannah (2)

                           Sarai                               Ethan                                          
                      Serai     Ethan

                          Lily                                                      Benji
                             Lily (1)    ben 

                                 Zach                                      AnnMarie 
                    Zach (2) AnnaMarie (2)

                                      Jude                                           Trisha                               
                            Jude (2)  Trisha (1)

                        Mariah                                 Cooper      
                     Mariah (2)  Cooper (1)

                                      Reyce                              Armando
                           Reyce  Armando

                                       Murray                                  Ruth
                  Murray (2)  Ruth 

                          Clyde                                     Shawn
                 Clyde (1)  Shawn (1)

  I thank you for the bottom of my heart - for reading this - for looking into their eyes - for caring - for sharing - for donating - for praying.
Whatever you do for these kids - ANYTHING is better than ignoring them and walking away.



 Lily (1)

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