Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TOO many zeros at Reece's Rainbow

Today, there were a whole bunch of new children listed as available for adoption on Reece's Rainbow - children who live in orphanages and institutions - children with various special needs - children who need a family to step up and claim them as THEIR child.
Thanks to Michelle at Reece's Rainbow, none of the children have ZERO in their grant !!  Michelle asked advocates to suggest names for the children - names that they will be known by on Reece's Rainbow, in order to keep their real names private.  If a person wanted to name a child, they were asked to put a little into their grant - to zero their zero !! What a genius idea !!!  As a result, 19 children who could have been zeros are NOT !!! 
This just makes my heart sing !!!
You can go HERE to see all the very newly listed children !!
Some of them have very sad pictures - older children who need, so very much, the love of a family to help them thrive. They live, mostly, in institutions, where, although the staff may care about them, there are just too many children, and not enough staff, to care for them as they should be cared for. That is why they are listed on Reece's Rainbow - so they can find a family - find love - get medical attention - therapy - education - and did I mention - love ??
Unfortunately - the children listed below were already listed, and still have ZERO in their grants.

Clara - $0 $11.70
Manny - $0
Ezra - $0
Emily - $0
Erin - $0 $45
Dean - $0
Dani - $0
Lyle - $0
Zeke - $0
Jasper - $0
Fynn - $0
Flynn - $0
Garrett - $0
Sammy - $0

Can you help ?

14 children who have not yet ben noticed - still waiting for someone to see them, and say NO MORE - someone to see their worth and help get rid of their nasty zero. These children are worth SO much more than zero - please - show them - show the world - show me - that YOU think they have some worth ??

I thank you !

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