Sunday, April 7, 2013

One child.

I have been such a bad blogger recently - kind of been in a funk - every time I sit down to blog, I get so overwhelmed, as there are so many different directions I want to go in - can't decide what to do - and then give up.
BAD blogger. 
I want to blog about SO many children.
Girls. Boys. 
Those with just $5 in their grants.
Those so close to leaping the $100 wall.
Those still hovering in the middle.
Those who have been FOUND.
Those who have jumped the wall. 
Those newly listed.
Those who were once zeros, and are now home !!
Those with cerebral palsy.
Down Syndrome.
Spina Bifida.
Developmental delays.
Cornelia DeLange Syndrome.
SO many children.
SO much to think about, so many angles to write a blog post from, so many wonderful, beautiful children - and I can't even come up with the words to advocate for them.
BAD blogger !
So - for now - I'm not going to try and get fancy, not going to try and get to the bottom of why some children are found by their families as soon as their profile appears, and why some languish forever, unloved, overlooked.
For NOW I am going to rejoice.
One child, who was passed over so many times.
One child, who was shouted about so much by so many.
One child, who was fully funded yet STILL passed over.
One child - THE child - the one who started me on the road to shouting for the least of the least.
The ONE child who stole my heart, who broke my heart -
That one child has been FOUND by his family.
He has a family working as we speak to gather the necessary documents, to do all that international adoption entails - a family who will be bringing him home.
One child - who tomorrow will spend his 12th birthday in an institution.
One child
Who will spend his 13th birthday next year surrounded by his family.
Surrounded by love.
Heath has a family.
It's been a couple of weeks since they committed to bringing him home - yet I still get teary eyed when I remember.
One child.
One little boy, who gave me a voice - who gave me the strength to find the words to shout for the least of these.
So - although I may at times be a bad blogger - I will always come back.
I will shout for these kids.
I will show their faces.
I will beg for money.
Thank you Heath - without you, I would be nothing - I would have no voice - I would know nothing about these children.
One child - Heath - the inspiration for all I do.


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself Jenny. I found RR through an article but it was Heath who was fully funded and who had not been found yet that hit my heart....hard. Heath is doing God's work calling me to reach far into myself...and my do more for others. I was thrilled when I saw he had a family the other day...a child that special really deserves a very special family. Every child deserves a family. Thank you.

  2. Jenny, be encouraged that your shouting is making a difference and you are not a "bad blogger!" Of the kids in your header picture, 2 are home, 2 have grants in the thousands, 1 is stuck in R and 1 is over 100! Of the kids on your original list (posted March 24, 2012) there are only 25 left currently listed that are still under $100. So much progress and hope!