Wednesday, January 9, 2013

32 Zeros to zero !!

Those of you who have been around a while know how this blog started. Those of you who are new, go back to the beginning, right HERE, to see where I started back in the Fall of 2011.
To get to know me a little better, if you feel the need - go HERE.
So - it's a NEW year, and the Angel Tree is truly over now - every child reached their goal of $1000 - and a grand total of $300,000 were raised in grants !
Now, we go back to regularly scheduled programming - namely, raising the grants of those with the least - the older kids listed on Reece's Rainbow.  This year some of them were lucky enough to be on the Angel Tree - what a wonderful opportunity to be seen and grow grants !!
For now, the goal (other than a family, which is a given), is, for now, $100 in the grant of each child over the age of 6.
That may not seem like much - and it really isn't - but it's a start - and the more we share these kids, the more chance they have of growing their grants AND finding their family.
Once we get them all to $100 - there WILL be a new goal.

Those who know me know I am all about baby steps.  Trying to get hundreds and thousands of dollars into these grants all at once is just crazy. Yes, it would be wonderful, but it just doesn't happen that way. There are too many children to shout for all at once. Not that that will stop me trying :)
HERE is the list of the 163 children listed with less than $100 in their grants.

We want to see them ALL leap the $100 wall !!!
First, though, we have to start at the beginning, and do what we do best
ZERO those ZEROS !!
The children below all have a big, fat ZERO in their grants - and that is just not acceptable. These kids are all worth SO MUCH MORE than ZERO.
Please - let's show them some love, and get them at least $5 in their grants !!
THEN we can work on getting them a little higher
Baby steps !!
Freida - $5
Alexey - $0
Leonard - $0

James - $0

Henry - $0  $10
Crystal - $0

Jill L22 - $0

Brady L9 - $0
Artemur - $0
Nevada - $0
Duane - $0
Violet - $0
Venetia - $0
Delta - $0
Cheryl - $0
Sandy - $0
Havalah - $0

Coralina - $0

Savannah - $0

Nadene - $0

Ian 2S - $0

Victor - $0
Kent - $0
Galvin - $0
Nina - $0
Louie - $0
Canaan - $0

Iris - $0

Maria - $0

Thirty three zeros to zero.
Thirty four children looking for a family.
Did you look at them ?
REALLY look at them ??
Did you look into their eyes ??
Go back - click on their names - read their profiles.
KNOW them.
Help them,
Share them.

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