Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's a done deed

As you know, I promised to shave my head when Buddy's Angel Tree grant reached $1000 - and, not being one to break a promise, the deed has been done.
We went back to where Nathaniel had had his shaved - and the one lady there remembered us ! :)
Here is my ordeal in unflattering pictures !! 
Nervous ? Not at all !!

Apparently I have thick hair, so she cut it down to a number 4 to start with

Then she took it down to a number 1. 

The scene of the crime !!

Safely home again 

Me and my boy :)
Thank you to everyone who helped Buddy out so far !!
We're not finished yet, though - the Angel Tree fundraiser goes until December 31st - please feel free to donate to Buddy or any of the other children on the Angel Tree !!!  There are still many children who haven't reached their goal yet - AND if you donate to any of those children today, Saturday December 15th, and leave a comment HERE, you will be entered into a fantastic giveaway to win some wonderful prizes  !!