Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meet Buddy !!

First of all - thank you all again for entering the Toy and Book Giveaway - most of the winners have come forward - please check HERE to see if you won, and contact me asap :)  I have to confess I haven't mailed the packages out yet - they should go out early this week, all being well !!

Secondly - I have made a decision to take a short break from shouting for the older kids. Don't get me wrong - I'll still be shouting for them - but not quite as loud for a couple of months. You probably already know that November and December in the Reece's Rainbow world are dedicated to the Angel Tree fundraiser.  This year, over 200 children will benefit from this wonderful fundraiser - as each child gets their own Christmas Warrior, who have pledged to raise AT LEAST $1000 for their child !!

Please go HERE to see the children on this years Angel Tree !!!

Historically, only the children listed on Reece's Rainbow aged 0-5, with Down Syndrome, are able to be on the Angel Tree. This year, however, several older children were also voted onto the Angel Tree - children with Down Syndrome, other special needs, and HIV  !!  Obviously, this is huge for those kids - and so for the first time, I decided to be a Christmas Warrior.  

I will, hopefully, raise $1000 or more, for BUDDY !!!

Buddy will turn 11 years old in December, and until very recently, he had ZERO in his grant.  He now has $210 - $132 of which is from Angel Tree donations.  That is the number that needs to get up to or beyond $1000 - the number in red on his profile page.

Buddy is one of so many older children who need a family, and this is such a wonderful chance to get his grant higher AND get his face out there - so his family can find him !!!

I realise that there are many many people fundraising right now, both for their own adoptions and for their Angel Tree children - but if you could find it in your heart to help Buddy out, I would be SO appreciative !!

HOW appreciative would I be ??  

Well -once Buddy's Angel Tree donations get up to $1000, I will SHAVE my head !!

Now, this might not be such a big deal if I were my husband - he's got very little hair left !!

I, however, am 49 years old and can honestly say that although I have had some pretty short hair in my time, I have never had it shaved. I really don't know how ridiculous I'll look - and I know that it'll be pretty chilly in the South Dakota winter - but I WILL do it when Buddy gets his $1000.

WHY shave my head ?  Look at Buddy

Like so many other children in orphanages and institutions, Buddy's head is shaved. It makes life easier for the caregivers, plain and simple. No long hair to deal with, no hair pulling, no hair washing, no bugs.
They don't care if you're a boy or a girl, either - the head is shaved.

It's hard to tell, but some of the pictures are of boys, some of girls.  take another look - can you tell the difference ???

The first twelve photos are girls.  ALL the children are over the age of 10 - many are teenagers. They all deserve SO much more.

Unfortunately, I can't help them all. No-one can. All I can do is shout for them, and, I have the opportunity to make a difference for ONE of them.

For Buddy.

The least I can do is shave my head, to bring awareness to the way they live, the way they are treated. If only one person, who knows nothing about Reece's Rainbow, sees my shaved head and asks "Why?" - then it will have been worthwhile.

First - though - we have to get Buddy up to that $1000 !!!

You can donate to him at the donation button on the right.
You can share this blog, or Buddy's story.
If you donate $35 or more, you will receive a beautiful Christmas ornament with Buddy's picture on !!!

Please - do whatever you can do - for Buddy !!!

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