Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two weeks - 128 kids !!

So here we are - two weeks until Halloween, and we still have a long long way to go !  There are still 128 older children with less than $100 in their grants.  
There's a reason I picked Halloween - October 31st - as the ending date for my Toy Giveaway.  Those of you familiar with Reece's Rainbow will know that November 1st is a big day !!  In fact - the entire months of November and December are big BIG months in the world of Reece's Rainbow !!

The Christmas Angel Tree is a huge fundraiser, for all of the children listed age birth - 5 years old who have Down Syndrome.  This year, for the first time, there will also be some OLDER children on the Angel Tree AND children with other disabilities !!!
The goal is to raise $1000 for each and every Angel Tree child.
That's a lot of money to be raised by a lot of people for a lot of children.
This year, I have pledged to be a Christmas Warrior for Buddy.

Buddy is 11 years old, and currently has $37.50 in his grant. During the months of November and December, my job is to get that grant to grow by at least $1000.  At the same time - all of the other Christmas Warriors will be trying to get THEIR child's grant to grow by $1000.  So - those 2 months will be pretty crazy with fundraising. Which is why the Toy Giveaway will end on October 31st - so everyone can then concentrate on the Angel Tree babes :)

So - WE need to get busy to get all of MY children up to $100, so we can then focus on the Angel Tree kids and their $1000 !!!   
I realize that I don't have as loud a voice as Reece's Rainbow do - and while they and their warriors CAN raise $1000 for hundreds of children - getting just 128 children up to $100, for me, is being pretty ambitious.
Strange thing is - I still think we can do it !!!

Please, lets rally for these kids - if we don't - who will ??

Go HERE for details of the awesome Toy and Book Giveaway AND the up to date list of who needs how much to get them over that $100 Wall !

Please - for the kids - do what you can !!!

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