Monday, June 25, 2012

9 days left

Just a quick update - as of this evening, there are 89 total older children with less than $50 in their grants. You may remember, we started with 116 children, and have had so many new listings, it's been pretty crazy trying to keep track. 
It is great to see the number down to 89 - but I don't think I'm being realistic to think we can get all 89 of them over the $50 wall within the next 9 days !!

SO - we'll still keep concentrating on the original zeros listed in my last post - here. There are now 2 less who need to leap the wall - so just 35 children to help within the next 9 days - before the 4th of July !!

Can we do it ??  

Yes - we CAN - but, WILL we ??

Please help if you can - donate - share - pray !!

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