Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The least with the least

THREE more children have now joined the $20 club !! Silas, Janna and Cindy - welcome !! The best thing about this club is that once you join, the only way is up !! Once all the children are over $20, we'll have a new goal, then another new goal - and ultimately, new families. That's all I really hope for - but in the mean time, we'll take those baby steps and just keep getting those names and faces out there.

Today, we will meet the oldest children - those who are over ten, and sadly the least likely to be adopted, despite their potential for being a wonderful son or daughter. There ARE parents out there for every single one of them, though - they just need to see their faces and take a leap of faith. Let's help them out just a teeny weeny bit, shall we ? A few dollars in their grants, share their names and faces on blogs and social media - and one day, their future parents will see them an fall in love.
It WILL happen !!

Margit $15

Dawn $15

Kate $13

Nineteen children aged over the age of ten, with less than $20 in their grants.

They deserve SO much more, don't you think ?

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