Sunday, October 9, 2011

Since my last post, there are now FIFTEEN less zeros !! Fifteen children now have a little something in their grant - it may not be much, but it's a start !!! ALL these kids are worth more than zero; and I like to think that prospective parents might take a second look, when they see that someone out there thought to donate to that particular child. Just a few dollars might make the difference for any one of those children -and I want them ALL to have a chance.
The best thing ? TWO of the little boys previously listed, with zero in their grants - have found families !!! Andrew and Will now have a family here in the USA, who are going through the process to bring their boys home - despite their zero !!! Check out Andrew's families blog - what a beautiful story !!
Meanwhile - there are still 114 children with nothing in their grants. 114 beautiful children - all aged 6-9 years old, all orphans solely because they were born with a difference. All destined to spend their lives in mental institutions, or even to live - and die - on the streets when they age out of their orphanage. All of them DO have a chance of a life with a loving family - all they need is a mommy or daddy to see their photo and fall in love - and a little help from family, friends and total strangers, to raise the thousands and thousands of dollars needed to bring them home. Won't you help get them started - give them a chance ?? Go to Reece's Rainbow, click on Waiting Children, choose a 6-9 year old category and pick one of those beautiful zeros, and donate a little something - we CAN zero the zeros !!

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