Wednesday, October 19, 2011


When I first came across Reece's Rainbow, one of the first blogs I read was Julia's - she and her husband adopted a beautiful little boy from an institution in Eastern Europe. While at the institution, she saw 2 other boys listed on RR - "Brady"and "Heath". Brady is now adopted and living with his family in Washington !! Heath is still "living" in the institution in EE. Heath was the first RR child that I was drawn to, and he continues to tug at my heartstrings more than any other child. Julia wrote about him on her blog - here and here. It is thanks to Julia - and to Heath - that I have become an advocate for the children on Reece's Rainbow. I see that now the children age over 10 have their own individual donation buttons - and that includes Heath, who is 10 years old. Please -if you can - head over to Heath's profile and donate- he so needs a family. I know all the kids need families- but Heath, oh Heath, how can you say no to my Heath ??

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