Sunday, September 25, 2011


On Reece's Rainbow (RR), in order to comply with the laws of the countries the children live in, and to preserve privacy, the children are given "new" names. Their RR names are used just to identify them on the web site - once a family commits to adoption, they find out their child's real name - and can choose whether to keep that name or give them a new name once they are adopted. The following is a list of names - each name represents one child, aged between the ages of 6 and 9, who is listed on RR, who has ZERO in their adoption grant. Each name is a child, just like any other child, who needs a family to love. Please read each name - maybe a child shares your name, or your child's name, your siblings name, your spouse's name - the name of someone you have loved, or known. If you can't pick out a child to donate to by looking at their pictures - it is, after all, pretty overwhelming seeing all of those adorable faces - just pick a name, and then go and find that child's profile, and help get rid of their zero. They need you - all of them - but while you can't save them all, you CAN help save just ONE - all it takes is a few dollars to get their grant started, and who knows what might happen next !!
Please help one of these children !!
Sheridan, Nicholas, Maxim, Charles, Cyril, Kyle, Jordan, Maxim, Denis D., Maksim, Sasha, Ahmed R., Ruslan, Nikita K., Davey, Kolya, Mickey, Alexei, Zane, Kyle, Grant, Andrew, Luke, Jeff, Will, Samuel, Mikale, Drew, Marty, Ellie, Catherine P., Danielle, Megan, Dasha, Anjelica, Isabelle, Bryant, Alexander G., Alan, Russ, Patrick, Donald, Ross, Matvey, Nathan, Denny, Troy, Carter, Joey, Silas, Glenn, Dmitri, Caesar, Parker, Sasha, Niko, Arthur, Artem, Andrew, Phillip, Harrison, Bobby, Oliver, Walter, Galen, Vitaly, William, Gregory J., Marcus, Alix, Sealey, Samson, Anderson, Jason, Evan, Christine S., Samantha, Kristina, Iryna, Janna, Elaine, Olive, Polly, Erin, Patti, Marina, Nastya, Leila, Chrystyna, Allie, Anastasia, Alisha, Natalia, Yasmine, Lauren, Berkeley, Linda, Noel, Brittany, Elise, Marley,Ilyssa, Susan, Steffie, Iryna, Avery, Jenny, Drew B., Mark, Alex, Andrew P., Yuri, Ana, Sadler, Maggie, Katerina, Julia, Alicia, David, Eric, Andrey, Greg, Rafferty, James, Marjorie, Benjamin, Christian, Yelena, Taylor, Harding.
Pick a name - go to Reece's Rainbow - put their name in the search box, and it will pull up the child's profile - click on the donate button to make a secure, tax deductible donation via Paypal - and get rid of that zero !!!

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